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Other Frequent Asked Questions

Other Frequent Asked Questions

When is possible to go to Jalabad or Osh via Kazarman from Naryn?
A part of a road between Kazarman and Jalabad is closed up to beginning of June whilst
snow will have been melted. Do not try to go that place and cross snow—you can fall into
snow. There are many stories when local people had a tragic end.
About opening road information find out from us.

How can I get to Kazarman village?
You can not find public transport fot Kazarman village. Therefore you have to arrange private cars in adance.
Our agence organize this transfer. Our drivers will be for you responsible and helpfull. If to leave early in the morning, in afternoon you can get to Jalalabad, becuse our partner organization will prepare a car for you. In arraival Kazarman you can change a car and start immediately to Jalalabad.

How can I go to Issyk Kol region (Bokonbaevo) via Eli Naryn village by a car?
It is very difficult to get there by car because of road condition. Our special drivers will bring you to Bokonbaevo ot Tosor village via Jyluu-Suu region.
Note: not all drivers know this part of road. Do not beliveif drivers, if they promise to bring you on this way. Check them carefully.

Is there a bank to cash credit cards in Naryn?
There are enough places where you can cash by the Visa, Master and Maestro cards.

May I pay for services in usd$ or euro?
Yes. But there is one moment: you have to pay with big banknotes, not less than 50 $. And banknotes should not have any other symbols of stamp and handwriting.
Reason is local banks did not take small banknotes. If take only with low rate. We recommend use big banknotes in small towns. Small banknote use in Bishkek where there are many possibilities to exchange with good rate.

Which cafe do you recommend in Naryn?
All of cafes have a good food. But we offer the best of them are “Anarkul” and "Khan-Tengry" restoraunt and Nomad coffe spot .

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