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Permit matters

Kol-Suu lake tour

It is necessary to have a permit paper, to visit Naryn area touristic spot like: Kol-Suu lake, Chaty-Kol lake and climbers spot: peak Dankova.

We are pleased to offer our services in providing border permits

  • Send us point of your destination and purpose of visiting

Let us know which region are you planning to visit or you can show your route on the map.

  • Send us dates for permits

Dates for permits can be with additional days if you don't know when you will enter or exit border zone

  • Send us copy of your passport
  • Make online prepayment

We have online payment system where you can pay by VISA or to our a bnk account.
We will send you the link by e-mail after confirmation with dates and area of visiting.
Within 2 days, you can get your permit. Maximum it will take 4 days
We will let you know when it will be ready and later you can take it in our office and get all the necessary information about border zone.

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