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Our Hostel + pastime

Pastime at the hostel

The hostel has a free wi-fi internet connection.

We organize by the request of clients, in the courtyard of our hostel:
- folk show by local population or professional:
-Komuz; choor - local flute; Accardeon;

- show Shyrdak (national carpet) making show:
women will show the process of making the national Ala-Kiyiz carpet for a couple of hours;
You can also participate in this process and buy your carpet;

- Cooking national cuisine.This can be - a master class or joint preparation with the owners and guests of national dishes.

- oral retelling of the epos Manas from Manaschy;

- showing Kyrgyz cinema in the evenings;


Showing the national tradition:

"Kelin aluu" a demonstration of the moving the bride to the groom's house and chach oruu (braid weaving for girls).

"Beshikke saluu" According to the custom, parents from the side of the mother of the child are obliged to prepare a bed for the cradle as a mandatory attribute for the baby. The cradle is oiled and smoked with an juniper. Noble grandmothers take the left and right little birds, put them in a crib and tilt it from side to side. The little birds fall into the cultic (the hole at the bottom of the cradle), and the grandmothers say: "He is a bol" (be lucky). The words "Mother-beshik, hold tight, mother-Umai, give a dream" (Umai is a female mythical creature guarding the infant) will be uttered. cradle different blankets and bedspreads. Then the cradle is passed into the hands of the mother. She, holding the cradle, goes to the door and back, while bowing to all the guests.

"Tushoo kesuu" Tusoo Kesuu is an ancient tradition of the Kyrgyz people. When the child begins to take his first steps, the holiday "Tushoo-that" is arranged.
Feature of the holiday are running. All that is needed is to run and come first from everyone: children, men and women. The child is tied up with a thread, which is cutted by a first-comer with a special knife. All participants receive gifts and prizes. It was the first step to the blessing of loved ones.

Home national games

"chuko-up" (alchik-bones of a sheep)
("Upai" means score, points) - this is a traditional game with bones from sheep's knee joints (chuko). In this game you can see how it is in the floor covered with felt carpet.
The goal of the game is to collect as many packs (sets of 3 bones) as possible.

"Besh-tash" (game with rocks) Besh tash: (five rocks). Usually played by teenage girls. Each player should have 5 small round stones, and they demonstrate various ways of juggling.


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